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Riders Profile: Inga Thompson

2 Interviews

Retro PEZ Talk: Inga Thompson!

Pez Cyclingnews, Edmond Hood, 11 April 2017
Posted by: Bitossi

Inga Thompson started racing as a professional cyclist in 1984 and went on to ride the Los Angeles Olympics Road race the same year, she finished 21st. She rode two more Olympics and has ten National Championships, add three World championship silver medals and you have a full palmarès. Ed Hood had a long retro chat with Inga:

Perspectives on doping in pro cycling: Inga Thompson

Velo News, Steve Maxwell, 26 June 2014
Posted by: Bitossi

Mention the name Inga Thompson to a modern cycling fan, and you might get a raised eyebrow. “Inga who?” But to fans and observers of the sport from the 1980s and early 1990s, Thompson was perhaps one of the most successful and influential women in cycling. From her meteoric debut on the American scene in 1984, to her final major race – a dominating victory in the 1993 U.S. Women’s national championship road race – Inga proved herself to be one of the greatest women’s racers the sport has ever seen.

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