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Cycling has been around for well over a century and as with many sports it evolved into a professional sport around the globe. Many fans visit popular races like the Tour de France, even more use the Internet to keep themselves informed on the progress of teams and riders. Many websites are constructed because of the apparent need for information on professional roadcyling.

In 2003 Marc, a cycling enthousiast himself, had an idea to construct a cyclinggame on the internet. Without much trouble more than 3,000 people found this website and all thought this was a great initiative. Although meant as a one off event, the participants wanted more. So that initial website evolved and by the time the UCI ProTour was introduced in 2005, so was the website, now covering the complete UCI ProTour season.

Marc is supported by many volunteers to keep everything going smoothly, yet the growing international community now has some troubles with the Dutch language. That leads to the introduction of English language based in 2006. Martin, a member from the beginning, starts to help out on the organisational and editorial side, the international community as a special focus because of the multilingual character of the new website.

CyclingFever is used in 2008 to make way for specials on specific races, the Tour Down Under being the first pilot website to accomplish broader access to media, fans, riders and organisations interested in professional cycling. The object of is being the first International Cycling Social Network bringing the cycling communities across the world closer together, and now takes its first steps on the Internet. is an initiative by Marc and Martin